Welcome to my personal work where I explore different printing processes and my own illustration style. What got me into Graphic Design and Art Direction was always this passion for prints, posters and illustration. Through my time in London, I’ve been able to create and discover ways of playing with design and being more creative. As much of my time is sitting with a computer, I believe we forget a big part of the profession of design. Being able to craft, play with colours and use our hands to be creative is a big part of why I wanted to be a designer. This folder of my homepage is me doing exactly that, creating, making and discovering. 

Old Street Tiny Billboard is an illustrative and creative project creating tiny billboards hanging out from my bedroom window. It is an ongoing project and the first chapter of the project explores the everyday-life and the emotions and thoughts we have throughout the week.

Another big part of what I like to do is screenprinting. Being able to craft and play with colours and shapes is very giving. Putting in my headphones and being in my own world is great for a few hours - here is some of my work so far.