A one-year diploma in 15 minutes

This is your guide to finishing a one-year degree in 15 minutes.  After a year that included a lot of reading about the history of design, learning about design theories, and having online lectures, I wanted to test machine learning to generate a text. I gave it a collection of the texts we have been reading, lecture transcripts, and chosen texts I worked with throughout the year as different graphic design manifests. From this, it provided a 3000-word text, not highly readable, but interesting. In the flyer, I highlighted what I think was engaging in connection to the course and design practice. From there, I created what I call "Desperate Times - a one year diploma in 15 minutes."  

I designed a brochure using the text, a text that is acting like a "summary" of the year. This was handed out to my classmates as a final summary of the year, a way to remember the year we had together. 

Download the text in full here: