The Swedish libraries have been hosting Drag Queen Story Hour for some years now. Drag Queen Story Hour celebrates reading through the glamorous art of drag. The DSH network creates diverse, accessible, and culturally inclusive family programming where kids can express their authentic selves and become bright lights of change in their communities. Drag Story Hour (DSH) was created by Michelle Tea and RADAR Productions, under Julián Delgado Lopera and Virgie Tovar's leadership in San Francisco in 2015. It started out as drag queens reading stories to children in libraries and grew into a global phenomenon! DSH now offers literary and creative programming for kids and teens of all ages led by drag queens, kings, and all other royal beings!


since last autumn, some far-right protestors have started to try and disrupt the events. A few months ago, Stockholm's deputy mayor, Jan Jönsson, decided to dress up in drag and host one of these events himself. And we at Snask decided to show our support.
- Glitter Always Outshines Gloom!

Each detail is in resemblance to the work of SNASK throughout the years, a literal hands-on project. I created a wooden handcrafted sign featuring the message ‘Glitter Always Outshines Gloom’. In today's world of design, a lot of the work can be done through different 3D or generative applications.  Through the work, I wanted to focus on the essence of design. Working with mixing colours and how colours work on textures is challenging but it gives perspective to the digital work that is mainly done in the design studio.

Behind the scenes